About Hudson Trident Training Centre

Hudson Trident Limited is a Nigerian registered company providing specialist services to the maritime and oil and gas industry in Nigeria. The Hudson Trident Training Center (HTTC) is equipped with state-of-the-art simulators for providing quality and realistic simulator training and re-training of existing and new seafarers, mariners, as well as marine and oil and gas personnel. Our Full-Mission Bridge Simulators incorporate the latest technology and the most innovative high performance features compliant with relevant international and local standards and regulations.

The Hudson Trident Training Center currently has the following full motion simulators:

  1. Offshore Supply Vessel/Ship Simulator
  2. Dynamic Positioning Simulator
  3. Tug Boat Simulator
  4. Crane Simulator
  5. Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator
  6. GMDSS simulator

HTTC also has an advanced and realistic Tug simulator using the latest NT PRO 5000 software. The simulator is capable of simulating various tugs including Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) Tug, Conventional Tug, Tractor Tug and Single Screw Tug, in various configurations and types. The simulator has independent Combi-Levers and winch controls and the models generate realistic responses to the use of engine and rudder under various conditions.

The simulator has a visual system capable of handling a number of ships in addition to landmasses. The simulator generates realistic radar signals and echo soundings and also simulates a number of navigational instruments (GPS) providing alternative means of fixing position.

Mission Statement

“To maintain the position as world leaders in the provision of Maritime Training Service with passion for Excellence and the state of art Facility to rival in the world”