Catamaran Nigeria Limited

Catamaran Nigeria Limited is a consultancy company providing specialized services for infrastructure development, operations and maintenance. We provide unparalleled efficiency and refreshing insights that impact positively on key areas in the provision of adequate infrastructure to drive economic growth. We have strategic working relationships with leading international Consultancy and Technical Advisory firms and transportation specialists. Together, we offer Strategic Infrastructure Development Consultancy services to clients requiring expert advice in development of infrastructure to promote economic activity globally.

Hudson Trident Limited

Hudson Trident Limited is a Nigerian registered company providing specialist services to the Maritime and Oil and Gas Industries in Nigeria. Amongst others, Hudson Trident offers the following specialist services:

Hudson Trident Training Centre

The Hudson Trident Training Center (HTTC) is equipped with state-of-the-art simulators for providing quality and realistic simulator training and re-training of existing and new seafarers, mariners, as well as marine and oil and gas personnel. Our Full-Mission Bridge Simulators incorporate the latest technology and the most innovative high performance features compliant with relevant international and local standards and regulations.

LTC Limited

Lagos Tolling Company (LTC) was incorporated on 27th July, 2010, by Catamaran Nigeria Limited, to provide Electronic Tolling Services, Maintenance and Toll Road Operations within Lagos.

In January 2013, Catamaran Nigeria Limited in partnership with EFKON South Africa Pty Ltd was granted a 10 year Concession Contract by the Lagos State Government for the Design, Supply and Installation of Toll Collection Equipment as well as set up the organisational and operational structure to efficiently manage the Operations and Maintenance of the Electronic Toll System on the Lekki Ikoyi Link Bridge (LILB), which is Operated and Maintained by Lagos Tolling Company.

Intelligent Transport Services

Intelligent Transportation Systems is actively involved in the development of all aspects of Intelligent Transportation Systems Design, Implementation, Consultancy and Implementation of Transport Infrastructure Development together with the associated Operations and Maintenance Services.

Catamaran Logistics Limited

Catamaran Logistics Limited is a logistics management company providing specialized services to the national transport sector as a multimodal services company, Catamaran Logistics is committed to playing a leading role in developing and implementing strategies and processes for seamless integration of the various transportation modes: sea, rail, road and air – into a dependable and reliable multimodal system with strong impact on national economic performance.

The Federal Government, through the Federal Ministry of Transportation granted Catamaran Logistics Limited a 25 – year concession to build, operate and transfer an Inland Container Depot in Ibadan, Oyo State.