Marine and Cargo Survey/Superintendence

Hudson Trident is a leading provider of Marine and Cargo Surveying/ Superintendence services to the Oil and Gas industry and it is presently the Nigerian Ports Authority appointed liquid bulk Cargo Surveyor for the Tincan Island Port Complex, Lagos State and all associated port facilities within the zone.

We also provided similar services at the Apapa Port Complex for over 5 years between January 2012 and June 2017. The services covered all the ports within the Apapa Port Complex Area including the Atlas Cove Jetty (ACJ) and Single Buoy Mooring (SBM) located offshore Lagos State. Hudson Trident Limited currently surveys over one million metric tonnes of cargo monthly and the range of cargo surveyed at the ports include AGO, PMS, DPK amongst others. All Hudson Trident staff are provided with the necessary tools to enable them perform their duties effectively and efficiently.

Having provided the Cargo Surveying Services for NPA over the last 5 years, we have acquired ample experience in providing Cargo Survey and crude monitoring services with utmost professionalism and dedication. We understand the importance of having the right approach in providing cargo survey services and our competent and highly experienced surveyors and staff will approach every survey in a timely manner while also observing all industry and international standards in executing our job.

To enhance our operations, the company has a 33ft Silvercraft boat equipped with two 150Hp engines and GPS. The availability of the vessel enables us to promptly deploy our surveyors, within minutes, to any location as may be necessary

International Ship & Port facility Security (ISPS) Code Compliance Services

Hudson Trident is a leading provider of consultancy services for the International Ship and Port facility Security (ISPS) Code certification for port facilities in Nigeria.

We provide expert and effective solutions to the security and ISPS Code related challenges faced in the maritime industry and are able to draw a broad variety of skills and experience from diverse company staff from our affiliate companies in the United States and the UK.International Ship and Port facility Security (ISPS) Code certification for port facilities.

  • International Ship and Port facility Security (ISPS) Code certification for applicable offshore vessels and MODUs.
  • ISPS Code and security related training
  • Conduct of risk assessment and threat analysis

We have conducted several Port Facility Security Assessments and developed countless Port Facility Security Assessment Reports and Plans for a number of port facilities, jetties and offshore Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) units in and outside Nigeria. Hudson Trident is the preferred choice of the major oil and gas companies and shore based Private Terminal Operators in Nigeria.

Hudson Trident, as a global brand, has already been appointed as Recognized Security Organization by the Governments of Nigeria, Norway, Chile, Ireland, Algeria, Georgia, Indonesia, Greece, Portugal, Kenya, South Africa and Philippines.

Supply and Installation of Maritime Communication, Security & Simulation Equipment

While working with the Original Equipment Manufacturers, Hudson Trident successfully established a number of Automatic Identification System (AIS) stations, Vessel Tracking System (VTS) station, GMDSS and VTMIS stations for both Federal Government agencies and a tertiary educational institution in Nigeria.

  • Supply and installation of AIS, VTS, GMDSS and VTMIS systems.
  • Supply and installation of simulator training equipment
  • Supply and installation of Radio Communication systems
  • Supply of security equipment to the maritime sector.
  • Supply of safety equipment to the oil and gas industry.

Hudson Trident Limited is a foremost supplier of state of the art maritime communication, security and simulator equipment to the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry. The company has firm agreements with the world’s biggest maritime Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and we represent in Nigeria, three of the world’s leading marine communication/training equipment

manufacturers/distributors, namely:

  • Kongsberg Norcontrol (KNC) IT (Norway)
  • Applied Satellite Technology (AST) Ltd UK
  • Transas Marine Limited

Environmental Impact Assessment Audits and Surveys

  • Environmental audit of marine facilities
  • Conduct and development of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Reports
  • Environmental impact mitigation

Hudson Trident Limited provides Environmental Impact Assessment audits and survey services to the maritime/ Oil and Gas industry and has successfully completed Environmental Impact Assessment surveys and reports for a number of port facilities in Nigeria.

Maritime Training Services

Hudson Trident Limited is a provider of specialist maritime training services and has a state of the art Maritime Training Centre situated at our Head Office in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State, for training and re-training of existing and new seafarers, stevedores as well as Marine and Oil and Gas personnel, in compliance with the following international and local standards and regulations:

  • International Convention of Training, Certification & Watch keeping for Seafarers (STCW’2010)
  • IMO Model courses
  • International SOLAS Conventions
  • Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) Requirements
  • Nigerian Maritime and Oil and Gas Industry Requirements
  • DNV (with class notation Integrated Simulator System, NAUT AW (SIM), DYNPOS – AUT (SIM), HSC, TUG, ICE to the Class A Standard for Certification of Maritime Simulators No. 2.14 October 2007) Requirements

Our well-equipped training centre has the following full motion simulators:

Tug Boat Simulator

The Tug Boat Simulator is an advanced tug simulator built by Transas Marine Limited, and capable of training a range of functions from basic tug handling manoeuvres for trainees to advanced towing methods (such as in-direct towing) for tug masters, etc. The tug simulator, which can also be configured for other vessels, has been designed by tug masters and for tug masters to provide high fidelity and cost-effective training in complex and risky operations.

Our Tug Boat Simulator has 16 pages of maneuvering notes, hours of real time video and 200 man/weeks of hard work. A key advantage of this tug simulator is the improved built-in hydrodynamic modelling and interaction capabilities of the tug with its tow which enables it to replicate the exact characteristics felt during tug maneuvers.

This advanced capability allows the operator to acquire the necessary skills before going live on a real tug, without the risk of damage. The simulator is built on the Transas NTPRO simulator platform thus enabling it to practically simulate all types of tugboats, including conventional single-screw tugs, conventional twin-screw tugs, cycloid-drive (Voith-Schneider) tractor tugs and Z-drive reverse tractor drive.

Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV) Simulator

The OSV Simulator is a realistic high quality training simulator for OSV activities and navigation with the different vessels in a fleet. The system features an innovative high performance concept compliant with Nautical Institute (NI) and DNV requirements designed for training of teams involved in transferring and supply of anchored mobile offshore units.

The simulator is built on the Transas NTPRO simulator platform and the Dynamic Positioning (DP) is set to OSV 11 with engine design power 2 X 3500 and Thrusters rated at 1X883; 1 X 1120 drop down/1X883 and 2 Azimuth FPP propellers.

The offshore simulator also provides a Dynamic Positioning system training for:

  • Holding position and course, manoeuvring in various sea and weather conditions,   anchor handling;
  • Oil spill response and rescue operations training;
  • Incorporation of customer-defined exercise areas and customer’s ship controls.

The Transas DP Simulator meets and exceeds the requirements of both Nautical Institute and DNV SeaSkill schemes for Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO) certification. Using the Transas universal DP interface, many of the key DP brands can be interfaced to a high level including data transfer of multiple sensors, position reference systems, thrusters and power management, all meeting the different class society’s requirements.

The Transas NTPRO 5000 is renowned for its unrivalled visual realism. Many of the DP operations occur in close proximity to other vessels and structures. Transas has paid special attention to this, creating a wide range of highly detailed DP and offshore objects, such as SPMs, TLPs, SPARs, Drillships and FPSOs.

Crane Simulator

The Crane Simulator is designed for training in both routine and emergency conditions. The simulator provides a realistic and safe learning environment, helping to reduce risk of accidents and decrease operating costs.

The system can be configured for training in general container handling and specific crane operations related to combined vessel loading and unloading operations, safe handling of various container types and effective container transfer and optimal path of motion etc.

The Crane Simulator has the capability to replicate various physical interactions such as collision, blow, blocking, shaking, friction etc. It can also simulate weather and other external forces such as: visibility (fog, mist, rain, snow), time of day (dawn, day, dusk, night) and illumination (shadows, switching on/off crane illumination, illumination system failure) etc.

Our Crane Simulator also has the capability to simulate different crane types used in Nigeria and these include: the Rail Mounted Gantry Crane (RMG) and Ship to Shore (STS) system amongst others. Available models can also be adjusted according to customer requirements.

The Hudson Experience

Hudson Trident Limited has ample experience in providing specialist services to the maritime and oil and gas industry. The company has provided inspection services over the past five years for the Nigerian Ports Authority and has worked on several of the facilities applicable to this project. Our experience working with Government Agencies, multinational oil and gas companies and other clients in the maritime industry means we are capable of providing cargo survey services on behalf of the Nigerian Ports Authority. The following relevant projects affirm our capability: